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Evaluation of Current and Future Water Resources Development in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia

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Type: Working Paper
Author: McCartney, Matthew; Alemayehu, Tadesse; Shiferaw, Abeyu; Awulachew, Seleshi Bekele
Date: 2010
Agency: International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Colombo, Sri Lanka
Series: IWMI Research Report no. 134
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/9088
Sector: Water Resource & Irrigation
Region: Africa
Subject(s): water resources
river basins
economic growth
Abstract: "Lake Tana is valuable for many people, including the communities who live around the lakeshore, those living on islands and close to the Blue Nile River, which flows from it. The area has been identified as a region for irrigation and hydropower development, which are vital for food security and economic growth in Ethiopia. This report presents findings from an integrated multidisciplinary study that was conducted to investigate the implications of this development. The study found that existing water resources development, for hydropower generation, has modified flows downstream of the lake, reduced water levels of the lake and significantly decreased flow over the Tis Issat Waterfall. Interviews with stakeholders indicate that the changes have benefited some people but have adversely affected others. Future development will exacerbate pressure on the lake."

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