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Government Action, Social Capital and Development: Reviewing the Evidence on Synergy

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Type: Working Paper
Author: Evans, Peter
Date: 1997
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/4512
Sector: Social Organization
Subject(s): economic development
social capital
citizen participatory management
Abstract: "Instead of assuming a zero-sum relationship between government involvement and private cooperative efforts, the five preceding articles argue for the possibility of 'state-society synergy,' that active government and mobilized communities can enhance each other's developmental efforts. This article draws on these articles to explore the forms and sources of state-society synergy. I argue that synergy usually combines complementarity with embeddedness and is most easily fostered in societies characterized by egalitarian social structures and robust, coherent state bureaucracies. I also argue, however, that synergy is constructible, even in the more adverse circumstances typical of Third World countries."

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